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In the year 2018  INST Verlag (INST publisher) starts with the publishing of the following documentations:

INST/ TRANS: since 1996 resp. 1997 online      brochure + DVD
Jura Soyfer Society: since 1998 online      brochure + DVD
ISBN: 978-3-902899-29-3
Polylogue Centre: since 2014 online      brochure + DVD
ISBN: 978-3-902899-31-6
Herbert Arlt: since 2015 online      brochure + DVD

ISBN: 978-3-902899-28-6

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These home pages are part of regional and global changes. In their context open search engines and quantum technology were developed. In the center stood the culture of Remembrance (Jura Soyfer died on the 16.2.1939 in the concentration camp Buchenwald), languages, literatures, arts, science, research (projects for UNESCO, EU, European Parliament, Governments, countries, municipalities), new forms of Translations and co-operation (network of over 10,000 participants in over 100 countries). In contrast to PowerPoint, Facebook, Twitter etc. are complex processes in the center of the analysis, communication and thesis. The platforms are subjects of globalization and have influenced them.

Each documentation comprise a stitched A4 brochure with at least 12 pages text on 80g paper BW to the project implementation. On the respective projects, there were up to 2,500 scientists, artists etc. from around 100 countries as authors involved by December 2018. TRANS 25 will make a contribution to the memory about the process to establish these projects. This issue (articles, interviews, movies, etc.) will be published in the summer of 2019.

The cover sheet (160 g) is printed. The back leaf consists of a 300 g carton. A DVD is stuck on the inside of the rear blade.

With the acquisition of the documentation for the researchers can be secured to have the respective homepage as of December 2018 available.

In direct sales brochures are available for a fee of 10,00 Euro from INST Verlag. The Email address: The delivery starts in January 2019.