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Herbert Arlt

Born 1958 in Bregenz (Austria). Study of literature and theater. Study trips to and studies in Italy, Spain, Portugal, England, Hungary, Germany, and Yugoslavia until the beginning of the 1980s. Doctorate 1988 at the University of Salzburg (Dr. Phil.). Teaching at the Universities of Berlin, Vienna, Salzburg and Innsbruck. Secretary of the Jura Soyfer Society since 1989, Scientific Director of INST since 1994. Since the 1980s presentations at Universities and Academies in 60 countries. Member of the Austrian UNESCO-Commission (1998-2001) and of the board (among others) of the Elias Canetti Society (since 2001). Organizer of conferences and scholarly events in over 40 countries (with up to 4000 participants).



Since 1992 editor of Jura Soyfer (International Journal for Cultural Studies; contents in WWW: and of the book series "Austrian and International Literary Processes,” since 1995 of "East-, Central- and Southeast Literature, Theatre and Linguistic Studies” (contents of both series in WWW:, since 1997 of TRANS (Internet Journal for Cultural Studies; in WWW: and of the INST book series TRANS-Studies (, and since 2004 Co-editor of the Stuttgarter Reihe für Germanistik. Member of the editorial staff of 6 additional journals in Bulgaria, Georgia and Russia.

Main Projects

The main project is INST ( - a worldwide platform for developing and disseminating cultural knowledge. The homepage is available in the UN languages (mainly in German, English, and French).

Coordinator of the worldwide projects "The Names of the Mountains" (in WWW:; UNESCO, General Conference, document 31 C/8, COM.IV.), the project for the European Parliament "The Cultural Policy of EU Member States. The Perspectives of the 21 st Century"), two themes for the EOLSS project of UNESCO ( "The Unifying Aspects of Cultures" ( and Innovations and Reproductions in Cultures and Societies" ( ). Coordinator of the EU project "Virtuality and New Knowledge Structures."

Publications, Exhibitions, Virtual Presentations

Publications: until 2005 about 200 publications in more then twelve languages. Most important: coordinating synergies for publications (books, WWW projects etc.).

Exhibitions: "Jura Soyfer and Theater" (exhibited in about 40 countries), "Cable Cars – The Art of the Ingenieurs" (exhibited in about 13 countries as well as at the Global Mountain Summit in Bishek in 2002 within the UN Year of Mountains), "Virtuality and New Knowledge Structures."

Virtual presentations:"Jura Soyfer," "Uhuru Peak/Kilimanjaro – The Cultural Dimension," "The Culture in the Cold – About Experiences in Svalbard."


The main awards to date are for the project "The Unifying Aspects of Cultures" (Bruno Kreisky Award, Conference Award of the City of Vienna), Theodor Körner Award, awards for various international conferences, etc.

Selected Publications


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