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European Identity and the Perspectives of Turkish Membership in the European Union

Section Chair/ Abstracts, suggestions to:

Lucie Tunkrova (Fatih University) [BIO]

Email: ltunkrova@fatih.edu.tr or lucietunkr@gmail.com


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There has been a growing amount of literature on how the EU is constructing the European identity and why. The most tangible results of these efforts are the symbols of European unity such as the flag, the anthem, the common currency, the .eu domain or the European passport. Most of the research done on the topic is qualitative given the nature of the topic and the problematic operationalisation of European identity. The section proposed shall examine the example of the debate on Turkish membership in the EU and how the EU seeks to utilize the debate for strengthening the notion of European identity. The choice of Turkey is deliberate as it appeared as one of the issues that some would argue for or against the inclusion of Christian values in the European Constitution (given their attitude to Turkish membership). Furthermore, it is a controversial topic in many Member States and among them. Some consider Turkish membership as a test to European identity and/or an issue that can help to define/foster the content of European identity. As such, the question is problematic and consensus cannot be expected to appear easily, which in turns makes it into a topic where the EU has to show a sophisticated level of communication abilities. The section shall consists of four Czech students and four Turkish undergraduate and graduate students, who would present papers on the various aspects of European identity and how it relates to the recently opened negotiations of possible future membership of Turkey in the EU. But also other speakers are invited. In turn, Turkey itself is undergoing significant changes in perceiving its new and changing identity in the post-Cold war era, where the relations with the European Union play a crucial role.



ReferentInnen / Speakers / Orateurs

  • The Status of Women in the Modern Turkey: Do they have a Name?
    Seval Arslan (Fatih University, Istanbul, Turkey)

  • The European Union and Maghreb: The new partnership
    Reda Ifrah (Palacky University, Olomouc, Czech Republic)

  • Limits of the European Integration – The Case of Turkish Republic
    Pavel Senderák (Palacky University, Olomouc, Czech Republic)

  • The compatibility of social and cultural values in Turkey and the EU
    Erdoan Shipoli (Fatih University, Istanbul, Turkey)

  • Bulgarian perspective on Turkish EU membership
    Denitsa Pirinova Sokolova (Fatih University, Istanbul, Turkey)

  • Euroscepticism in Turkey
    Icten Ural (Fatih University, Istanbul, Turkey)


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