Patron: President of Austria, Dr. Heinz Fischer

KCTOS: Knowledge, Creativity and
Transformations of Societies

Vienna, 6 to 9 December 2007

<<< Cultural Locations and Politics of Disablity


Shifting the Paradigm – Body Politics and the relations between Disability, Heteronormativity and Gender

Heike Raab (Universität Innsbruck) [BIO]





In the contemporary debate about the forms of emancipatory politics the body is the central location and starting point of the political. Thereby the Disablity Studies as well as Queer und Gender Studies refert to several aspects of body theories.

In this lecture the lines of interdependency about disability, heteronormativity and gender will be discussed with regard to a new explanation from disability as a scholary category. For that reason it shall be critical negotiated the emancipatory potential of body politics from the New Social Movements (Crips, Women, Lesbians/Gays). Concerning to this the Heterotopie-Concept from Foucault will be central.


Ehrenschutz: Bundespräsident Dr. Heinz Fischer

KCTOS: Wissen, Kreativität und
Transformationen von Gesellschaften

Wien, 6. bis 9. Dezember 2007