The Unifying Aspects of Cultures


Transnational and National Endeavors in the Ukraine

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ABSTRACT: The Ukraine has always striven to be free, wrote Voltaire in 1731 in the History of Karl XII. This striving runs like a red thread throughout the turbulent history of the country, which for several centuries was divided among several rulers. Consequently, cultural endeavors in the Ukraine were frequently shaped by nationalism. However, as the interpretation of the history of 20th-century Ukrainian culture proves, the cultural phenomena produced here were never isolated, but rather cultural development in the Ukraine proceeded as a process of the continuous collaboration of different peoples. In this contribution I will show how transnational and national endeavors influenced the historic development of Ukrainian culture, what resonance they had on research into the history and what the contemporary condition of Ukrainian culture is. Special attention will be paid to the questions of ethos and national choice.
A native culture, which developed independently among one people from the beginning to the present, does not exist. The capability of perceiving cultural influences is the necessary condition of the cultural development and progress of every people: The high culture of the Ukrainian people is determined by the fact that over the course of thousands of years of its prehistory and historical life it stood under the cultural influences of a number of peoples of different nationalities, who passed through the Ukraine, had contacts with the country or bordered it. According to D. Antonovyc, the historical method is necessary, that is, one must not research only the culture of the people, but also the history of its culture.