Institut zur Erforschung und Förderung österreichischer und internationaler Literaturprozesse
Knowledge Networking in Cultural Studies
Reichenau, May, 24-27, 2001
 TRANS No. 10: 
"Knowledge Networking in Cultural Studies" 
(since June 2001)

 Remember the Tortoise? The Difference between Fast and Too Fast
Anca Neamtu (Cluj-Napoca)

Everything in the last years stood under the sign of “fast”. Way too fast, one clear view might say today. But what is a ‘clear view’? And why is evolution (especially high-tech) growing so fast? Do we need that? How much and in what respects has our everyday life changed due to these too-fast growing technological solutions and the acceleration of the dissemination of information connected with them? Can we still cope, or do we need to slow down, in order to go on ‘living’?

Therefore again my question: Remember the cartoon-race between the hare and the tortoise? (Remember who won?...) Questions like the above and more are aimed to be laid off and discussed within the presentation.

Papers held at the conference "Knowledge Networking in Cultural Studies" are published in
TRANS. Internet journal for Cultural Studies, No. 10/2001

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