Institut zur Erforschung und Förderung österreichischer und internationaler Literaturprozesse
Knowledge Networking in Cultural Studies
Reichenau, May, 24-27, 2001
 TRANS No. 10: 
"Knowledge Networking in Cultural Studies" 
(since June 2001)

Meta-Information, Scholarly Publishing and Online Research Cooperation: The communication Network of INST
Andrea Rosenauer / Angelika Czipin (Vienna)

INST's members of more than 50 countries and a broad range of disciplines form a world-wide network. Given this structure, an internet-based communication model proved to be a necessity to meet the needs of exchange, coordination and cooperation.

The paper will allow a glance at the developing of networked communication from 1996 on, when INST has placed its first pages on the web and started offering training for the use of Internet tools for communication and information. To complement these classes at a range of partner institutions in several of countries, collections of commented links for literature and cultural scholars have aimed at providing an overview of selected resources on the web.

TRANS, Internet journal for cultural studies, published by INST, was started in 1997 to serve for the publication of papers held at INST's conferences. It proved as an important platform for transdisciplinary communication. The acceleration and openness of the publishing process have made TRANS a highly estimated and well-known resouce for researchers and interested people.

To allow broad participation at the dicussion an Online Research Cooperation was started in 1999 to prepare a conference on "International Cultural Studies". This ORC enabled scholars who did not have the possibility to attend the conference to keep pace with the discussion and to add their own papers and ideas. The main contributions to the ORC were provided in English, French and German.

The paper will try to give an overview on the development, management and use of INST's website, focusing on TRANS and the ORC. Benefits and possibilities for the development of the mentioned information and communication tools are discussed.

Papers held at the conference "Knowledge Networking in Cultural Studies" are published in
TRANS. Internet journal for Cultural Studies, No. 10/2001

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