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Knowledge Networking in Cultural Studies
Reichenau, May, 24-27, 2001
 TRANS No. 10: 
"Knowledge Networking in Cultural Studies" 
(since June 2001)

Some details and reflections about the orientalist workshop on the Internet
Agata Skowron-Nalborczyk (Warsaw)

The orientalists form a rather small group (in comparison with other scientists) working all over the world and the Internet gives them an inestimable possibility to find each other, to contact each other.
The scientific journals dealing with Oriental studies are not so plentiful as well and not to be found in all libraries, so sometimes only the Internet offers a chance to reach them from a place far away from scientific centers.

Internet is especially very important for an orientalist from a country that was almost closed for some years and where it was very difficult for an university to get some foreign currency in order to buy books and scientific journals. The Internet gives him the only possibility to get needed articles, to find needed books and to do it really fast.

The Internet is sometimes the only place where every day an orientalist can find current editions of newspapers from a lot of Asian and African countries, fonts for Oriental scripts or some information about a new software designed for Oriental scripts (like editors, OCR programs) or for special Oriental problems, like for example converting from/to the Muslim/Christian calendar and the like.

The paper will report briefly all mentioned above and some other uses of the Internet in the orientalist workshop and discuss connected with it benefits, problems and difficulties.

Papers held at the conference "Knowledge Networking in Cultural Studies" are published in
TRANS. Internet journal for Cultural Studies, No. 10/2001

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