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Knowledge Networking in Cultural Studies
Reichenau, May, 24-27, 2001
 TRANS No. 10: 
"Knowledge Networking in Cultural Studies" 
(since June 2001)

 Organisation of knowledge in the cultural field: the Cultural Development Database - a tool for international cultural cooperation
Aleksandra Uzelac (Zagreb)

In recent years, the interest in international cooperation has found its expression in the spread of cultural networks. Today networks dominate the way cultural professionals operate, bringing together people in common pursuit of interest. Networks vary in form, from technical networks such
as Internet to different forms of associations of professionals, and very often these two get united in different virtual networks. The impact that new information technologies and Internet have made on all aspects of our society as well as on the cultural field has been remarkable. It has changed the way people work and get information they need. Internet, as a convenient media for networking, has been used by many cultural networks and virtual platforms for national culture. The integration of Internet with information management tools, such as databases, is presently well developed and it
has enabled better dissemination of the information to the intended users.

Culturelink Network's efforts in development of the Internet based information system for supporting international cultural cooperation, namely the integrated Culturelink Database on Cultural Development and Policy, will be presented.

Papers held at the conference "Knowledge Networking in Cultural Studies" are published in
TRANS. Internet journal for Cultural Studies, No. 10/2001

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