Trans Internet-Zeitschrift für Kulturwissenschaften 15. Nr. November 2003

2.3. Media and cultural aspects of civil society

HerausgeberIn | Editor | Éditeur: Zrinjka Peruško (Zagreb)

Zrinjka Peruško

Report: Media and cultural aspects of civil society

Hrvoje Butkovic (Zagreb, Croatia)

Research and Theory on Civil Society in Croatia

Orlanda Obad & Goran Goldberger
(Zagreb, Croatia)

Who Is To Blame? An Analysis of the Representation of Responsibility/Guilt in Croatian Print Media

Nina Obuljen
(Zagreb, Croatia)

The role of civil society in the policy-making process: Examples of cultural policy-making in Croatia

Mark Perry (Beirut, Lebanon)

Unprecedented Access and Choice: The Internet, Global Systems and the New Culture of Shared Resources

Zrinjka Peruško

Media and Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe: What about pluralism and diversity?

Aleksandra Uzelac

Virtual networks in culture: between citizens and consumers

Buch: Das Verbindende der Kulturen | Book: The Unifying Aspects of Cultures | Livre: Les points communs des cultures

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