Trans Internet-Zeitschrift für Kulturwissenschaften 15. Nr. November 2003

2.7. Culture, Psychosocial Disorders and Mental Health: an African Perspective

HerausgeberIn | Editor | Éditeur: Erhabor Sunday Idemudia (Bremen / Ibadan, Nigeria)

Erhabor Sunday Idemudia

Report: Culture, Psychosocial Disorders and Mental health: An African Perspectives

Erhabor Sunday Idemudia

Mental Health and Psychotherapy 'through' the Eyes of Culture: Lessons for African Psychotherapy

Kimberly Richards (North Carolina A & T State University, Department of Counseling)
Yegan Pillay (University of Ohio, Office for Institutional Equity)
Oliver Mazodze (Zimbabwe Bindura University of Science Education, Department of Biology)
Alexandra Shungudzo Govere (Stanford University, Department of Physics)

The Impact of Colonial Culture in apartheid South Africa and Rhodesia on Identity Development

Buch: Das Verbindende der Kulturen | Book: The Unifying Aspects of Cultures | Livre: Les points communs des cultures

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