Trans Internet-Zeitschrift für Kulturwissenschaften 15. Nr. May 2004

5.10. Mountain and Cultural Aesthetic

Herausgeber | Editors | Éditeurs: Charles I. Armstrong (University of Bergen, Norway) / Juri Mosidze (Tbilissi)

Charles I. Armstrong
(University of Bergen, Norway)

Report: Mountain and Cultural Aesthetic

Charles I. Armstrong
(University of Bergen, Norway)

"Under Ben Bulben". The Mountain of Myth over Yeats' Dead Body

Mihaela Irimia (University of Bucharest)

'… to me/ High mountains are a feeling'

C. W. R. D. Moseley
(Hughes Hall, Cambridge):

'Get Thee Up into the High Mountain': The English Lake District as Virtual Landscape.

Anne Holden Rønning
(Department of English, University of Bergen)

Mythological Mountain Culture

Johan Schimanski (University of Tromsø) & Ulrike Spring (Wien Museum)

Austro-Hungarian and other Mountains in Arctic Discourse

Buch: Das Verbindende der Kulturen | Book: The Unifying Aspects of Cultures | Livre: Les points communs des cultures

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