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10.5. Forms of Life: Theatre Forms as an Articulated Way of Life
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Buch: Das Verbindende der Kulturen | Book: The Unifying Aspects of Cultures | Livre: Les points communs des cultures

Report 10.5.: "A necessary new process of de-colonization"

Herbert Gantschacher (Klagenfurt)


If we talk about the related or relating aspects of culture so we have to use the arts as the bridge between different cultures of the world.

In our way of working for the arts of theatre we are doing research work during the whole process of establishing, realising and finalising a theatre project. For us a theatre project never is finished. One project is continuing through another one.

From such experiences and also now by listening to the different lectures we find out something like this:
We have to check always the political situation and the sources of our information. We have to use art as a form of resistance, if it is necessary, as our friends has done it in the past.
We need a new process of a cultural de-colonization. Art is the bridge between the different cultures of the world. The Coca-Cola globalisation does not work.
From that experience we need also a new form of organising the funding system of the European Union.
In the moment small cultural organisations are excluded from the possibility getting a grant, because these organisations have limited budgets, especially in the new member states joining the European Union in 2004.
Cultural industries are not representing the different cultures of the world.

© Herbert Gantschacher (Klagenfurt)

10.5. Forms of Life Theatre Forms as an Articulated Way of Life

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