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11.1. The Autobiography of the Other: powers of literary transference
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Buch: Das Verbindende der Kulturen | Book: The Unifying Aspects of Cultures | Livre: Les points communs des cultures

Report: The Autobiography of the Other: powers of literary transference

Fatima Festic (Los Angeles / Ankara)


The main idea of the project/section was to bring together the scholars whose interests lie in connecting the contemporary approaches to literature with ethics and current world developments. We also tried to situate the link between different cultures in traumatic points of recognition of ourselves in (the) Other(s) and vice versa. That led us to relating the concepts of structural trauma and historical trauma - Fatima Festic's paper was dealing with it as well as with processes of traumatization and de-traumatization in the dynamics of sameness and difference.

Three papers and the documentary film contribution (Pia Brinnzeu, John Rogove, Vera Boltho, Binnur Karaevli) were discussing the pragmatic issues of connecting the Eastern to the Western Europe, the Near and Middle East to America and also the comparison between the American political philosophy and current foreign policy to the pre- World War II situation in Germany.

More literary approaches were taken in the presentation on the modern tragic hero with reference to Garcia Lorca's dramas (Cristina Benner), presentation on trauma and affect in J.M. Coetzee's novel Disgrace (Mariaana Fieandt-Jantti), presentation on stereotyping of the black identity and its transference into various media (Brenda Harker), and presentation on creativity as negation of the concept of enemy (Margherita Pascuci), while Helga Lenart-Cheng concentrated on the issues of writing an autobiography.

Since the goal of the section was to explore the narrative possibilities of conveying the knowledge of the Other through our experience of ourselves, and to connect the aspects of transference to the actual world structure and its ideological and economic values, the participants exchanged their viewpoints and formulated some of the links, yet many others have remained open. We discussed the issues of the cross-cultural, cross-religious, trans-national and cross-generational identification in recent and current literary production. Yet the time was limited and we also suggested that in future our presentations should be copied and distributed in advance. We all expect to meet at the next conference with even more diverse contributions and in a less traumatic world climate that will enable us to keep working on our similarities and sameness.

© Fatima Festic (Los Angeles / Ankara)

11.1. The Autobiography of the Other: powers of literary transference

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