Trans Internet-Zeitschrift für Kulturwissenschaften 15. Nr. November 2003


TUAC: The Unifying Aspects of Cultures

Vienna, 9 November 2003

In Vienna approximately 4000 participants from 70 countries and representing three-dozen scholarly disciplines, arts, pedagogy, politics and other fields gathered to discuss the importance of culture (and thus of people) in contemporary processes. The participants expressed their pleasure and appreciation that international organizations like UNESCO, the Council of Europe and the European Union as well as individual member states of the Council of Europe gave both their attention and also their support to the conference.

Furthermore, the participants recognize that with the Convention on Culture of UNESCO, the European Research Area and many other initiatives (above all, those of the Council of Europe), matters have been introduced to call attention to the importance of culture in contemporary processes. Nevertheless it is necessary to keep in mind that the present situation is still far from doing justice to the importance of culture and its creative possibilities.

The participants therefore urge not only the international organizations, but also the states, lands, communes and private organizations, to change their attitude toward culture and research on culture. Consider the central importance of culture in globalization. In the future place the emphasis on the public, the strengthening of the infrastructures of the individual institutions, the possibility of participation, creative work and thinking. Make more means available for research, scholarship, arts and education, and examine to what extent formal procedures (assignment of themes, categorizations, evaluations, trips for signing contracts, centralizations) are sensible or only unproductive expenditures. Consider whether enabling or facilitating should not be the central idea of your requirements and supports.

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TUAC-Conference-Memorandum. In: TRANS. Internet-Zeitschrift für Kulturwissenschaften. No. 15/2003.

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