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9.6. Spreading the Word: Texts and the Text
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Report: Spreading the Word: Texts and the Text

Mihaela Irimia (University of Bucharest)


The works of the section strictly followed the order presented in the Conference Brochure, devised by the section chair to pursue a thematic, as well as a chronological line. Of the total 14 participants, one was missing, Dr. Gonul Bakay (Beykent Unviersity, Turkey), due to last-minute family problems announced too late for possible modifications in the printed programme. All the other participants gave their papers according to the established timetable.

The papers given embraced a wide variety of topics geared to the overall theme of the session and pointed to way in which the spread of words has, in time, across ages and cultures, contributed to the bulding of a sense of Western cultural identity, in tune with the purported aim of the INST Conference.

© Mihaela Irimia (University of Bucharest)

9.6. Spreading the Word: Texts and the Text

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