Trans Internet-Zeitschrift für Kulturwissenschaften 17. Nr. April 2010

5.3. Sharing in / out Culture(s)

Herausgeber | Editor | Éditeur: Vladimir Biti (Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zagreb)

Dokumentation | Documentation | Documentation

Vladimir Biti
(University of Zagreb, Croatia)
Section report
Davor Beganović (University of Konstanz, Deutschland) Rural apocalypse. The Other as an Enemy in South East Europe
Zrinka Božić Blanuša
(University of Zagreb, Croatia)
Death and Community
Tomislav Brlek
(University of Zagreb, Croatia)
Culture against itself
Dalibor Davidović
(Zagreb, Croatia)
Fear of Music
Nenad Ivić
(University of Zagreb, Croatia)
The Acquisition of a Birthplace, or Orchestrating Flaubert
David Kergel
(FU Berlin, Deutschland)
Myth as Subculture: the meaning of the Berlin Underground Rap
Aleksandar Mijatović
(University of Zagreb, Croatia)
Division of touch: Distinct in Jean-Luc Nancy and Jacques Derrida
Marina Protrka
(University of Zagreb, Croatia)
Canon and Its Others in19th Century Croatian Literature
Boris Škvorc (Sydney,
Australia and Split, Croatia)
(Not) Sharing Culture(s): Narrating ‘us’ and the ‘others’ within (and around) ‘our’ Culture
Marija Španjić
(University of Zagreb, Croatia)

Passing Judgements

Wondwosen Teshome B. and Jerusalem Negash W. (Vienna, Austria) The Culture of Accommodation and Tolerance: Christianity and Islam in Ethiopia


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