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Sektion 8.15. New Approaches, Innovations and Research in Education | Neuigkeiten, Innovationen und Forschungen in der Erziehung
SektionsleiterInnen | Section Chairs: Leyla Esentürk-Ercan and Melek Çakmak (Gazi University, Ankara, Turkey)

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Section report 8.15.

New Approaches, Innovations and Research in Education

Leyla Esentürk-Ercan [BIO] Melek Çakmak [BIO] (Gazi University Ankara, Turkey)



New developments affect education, teaching and learning process directly as well as other disciplines. The process of education has always been renovated by the effect of innovations and new developments.

This section purposed to analyse and discuss the role and effects of new approaches on educational process, in particular, teaching process based on new approaches.

The first presentation dealt with Preservice Teachers’ Thougths on Active Learning Techniques in Teaching Context. This study mainly purposed to determine pre-service teachers’ thoughts regarding active learning techniques in teaching context. For this aim, a descriptive study was conducted. Both qualitative and qualitative research methods were used in order to gather data in the study. A questionnaire as a quantitative technique and open-ended question as a qualitative technique were used. The findings indicated that preservice teachers have noted to the interesting points about active learning techniques. The findings of the study might be taken into consideration by teacher education programs.

The second presentation was An Analyses of Psychological Counseling and Guidance System in Turkey. The need for the psychological counseling and guidance system has become unavoidable in the contemporary educational system. The decisions made at the 7th, 8th and 9th National Education Councils helped not only the start of psychological counseling and guidance at schools, but also the solution of individual problems. Psychological Counseling and Guidance of undergraduate programs have been carried out in the Educational Faculty since the beginning of the 1960s. Although there is a 40 year experience in the field, it is clear that the guidance services at schools is much lower than expected. There are 22 Psychological Counseling and Guidance undergraduate programs in the country. There have been studies to reorganize the undergraduate programs.

The third presentation dealt with Zur Relavanz der Animationsfilme im DaF-Unterricht für den türkischen Junglerner.

The fourth presentation dealt with A  New Educational  Approach (SAME) to  Multicultural Encounters Co-Existence Project between Arab and Jewish Students in a Teacher Training College in Israel. This presentation pertained to the strategies of facilitation implemented in the Co-Existence project between Arab and Jewish students in the Kaye Academic Teacher Training College in Israel.

The sixth presentation was Adaptation of e-Learning Environments: Determining National Differences through Context Metadata. The paper shows how existing e-learning modules can be internationalized using structured information on the context and specifically culture. Reusing e-Learning contents is a promising concept for the internationalization or cross-cultural purposes. However, most adaptation efforts are often limited to pure language translation.

As the only alternative is rewriting, reusability allows a massive cost reduction by implementing and adapting already established courses, for example into developing countries on a low-cost level. This approach provides a basis for international and cross-cultural adaptation.

To implement this approach on a large-scale, they plan a public database containing the necessary information for the comparison process. In their research, they have identified a set of around 170 parameters describing national and, more specifically, cultural attributes related to various situations.

The seventh presentation was Investigating Preservice Teachers’ University Teaching Beliefs Considering Different Variables. Training teachers who are going to have an important role in shaping the future of a country is one of the most important issues of the countries. In this day and age, training qualified teachers have an international property rather than a national one. Because one of the most important functions of education is forming sustainable behavioral changes in individuals and schools and teachers play an important role after families in this process. One of the basic needs to train qualified teachers is having good teaching staff at universities.

This study focused on the university teaching beliefs of students studying at Primary Education Department, Faculty of Education in Turkey and Finland. Teaching staff and classroom communication practices, the roles of teaching staff and students, and their attitudes toward the important regulations of institutional and educational culture at universities were tried to be determined in both of the countries. Relational survey method was used in the study. Since it includes limited number of students and universities, no generalization related to the results was stated. Convenient sampling method was used in selecting the schools. In other words, researchers chose the suitable schools with which they could easily have a contact. In Turkey and Finland, 1st and 4th grade trainees attending Primary Teaching Department, during 2005-2006 academic year. Data were recorded in SPSS 10 software program. Frequency (f), percentage (%), and independent sample t-test were analyzed. Results were tested at the level of p<05. According to the results, significant differences between students from Turkey and Finland in respect to grades (1st and 4th grades) and country variables in 1., 2., 3., and 4. Sub-dimensions were observed.

8.15. New Approaches, Innovations and Research in Education | Neuigkeiten, Innovationen und Forschungen in der Erziehung

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