Abdugafurov, Rahimjon

Abdugafurov, Rahimjon, he currently serves as a head of the Language Center at the Namangan Institute of Economics and Engineering in Uzbekistan. He held various positions, in addition to teaching English and Arabic, at Namangan State University. He earned a Master’s in Education as a Muskie FSA scholar at Vanderbilt University, USA (2002–2004). Mr. Abdugafurov also holds a five year higher education diploma in the field of Oriental Philology (1993–1998), Arabic Language and Literature from Namangan State University, Uzbekistan. He is qualified as a teacher of Arabic and English.

His research interests include religious education. He has published several articles and made a number of presentations in Uzbekistan and abroad. His co-translation of Muhammad Sallam Madkur’s book entitled al-Madkhal lil-Fiqh al-Islami or Introduction to Islamic Fiqh is accepted by the Islamic Book International, New Jersey USA in 2007.

Email: arbi76inn@yahoo.com

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Religious Education in Uzbekistan Today (17.Nr.)

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