Allington, Daniel

Allington, Daniel is completing his PhD at the University of Stirling. His research is centrally concerned with knowledge of literature: what it consists in, how it is performed, and how it is contested. This has involved investigating a range of sites in which such knowledge is at issue, principally undergraduate seminars, book groups, fan websites, reviews, and Wikipedia. The methodologies he employs are drawn from conversation analysis, discursive psychology, metahistory, and the study of rhetoric. He works as a volunteer for the Reading Experience Database, and is employed as Research Assistant for Devolving Diaspora, a three-year research project into the reading of postcolonial literature. Publications include: ‘“How come most people don’t see it?” Slashing The Lord of the Rings’. Social Semiotics 17(1): 2007: 45-64; ‘First steps towards a rhetorical psychology of literary interpretation’. Journal of Literary Semantics 35(2) 2006: 123-144; ‘Re-reading the script: a discursive appraisal of the use of the “schema” in cognitive poetics’. Working with English 2, 2005: 1-9.


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