Amelin, Walerij, Dr.

Amelin, Walerij, Dr. of science, born 1951 in Orel, Russia. Research field: anthropological philosophy, politology; works as director of Publishing House of Regional Academy of State Service; wrote more than 50 papers. Last publications in Russian: 1. Post-industrial civilization and metaphysics of tolerance. In: Post-industrial civilization and culture of control and management. Orel: ORAGS, 2005. 2. Excursus in the evolution of ideas about traditions and innovations from antiquity up to nowadays. In: Innovations and traditions: metaphysical and phenomenological aspects of control and management. Orel: ORAGS, 2006.


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Postindustrielle Zivilisation und Toleranz (15.Nr.)

Tradition als immanente Determinante der Innovationen: Philosophischer Aspekt (16.Nr.)

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