Amiridze, Nino

Amiridze, Nino: PhD candidate in Linguistics at the Utrecht University, Netherlands. Grew up in Tbilisi, Georgia. Graduated from the Tbilisi State University. Worked at the Typology Department of the Institute of Oriental Studies, Georgian Academy of Sciences. Degree of a Candidate of Sciences in Philology from the Tbilisi State University. Specializes in morphosyntax and works on Georgian. PhD dissertation is an analysis of reflexivization strategies of Georgian within a generative framework. Has given several conference talks on Georgian. Publications: On the „aspect of“ Reading of Georgian Anaphors in Subject Position; The Anaphor Agreement Effect and Georgian Anaphors; Body-Part Nouns as a Source of Reflexives: Towards a Grammaticalization Account of Georgian „tav“ – „Head“ (with T. Leuschner); On Diachronic Changes in Alignment Systems; Beyond the Slot Competition: On Verbal Person Marking in Georgian; Manifestation of Immediate Memory Volume on the Morphonological Level of Language.



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The sociolinguistics of borrowing: Georgian moxdoma and Russian proizojti ‘happen’ (16.Nr.)

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