Anchimbe, Eric Amana

Anchimbe, Eric Amana, Dr.: Assistant Professor of Modern English Linguistics at the University of Bayreuth, Germany. He holds a PhD in English Linguistics from the University of Munich (2005). He is author of Cameroon English: Authenticity, Ecology and Evolution (2006, Frankfurt am Main: Lang) and several articles on World Englishes and linguistic identity in postcolonial contexts. His current research interests include: postcolonial pragmatics, linguabridity (hybrid linguistic identities), sociolinguistics, and indigenised varieties of English in Africa.


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Section report 1.3.: Re-writing linguistic history–(Post)colonial reality on the fringes of linguistic theories (17.Nr.)

The place of the English language in the construction of a Cameroon anglophone identity (17.Nr.)

Report: Postcolonial innovations and transformations: Putting language in the forefront (16.Nr.)

Linguabridity. Redefining linguistic identities among children in urban areas (16.Nr.)

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