Andreev, Vladimir, Dr.

Andreev, Vladimir, Dr. of technical sciences, senior research worker, born 1947 in Orel, Russia. Research field: cybernetics, applied mathematics and programming, economics, social management. Works in Central Bank of Russia in Orel Region as Deputy Director. Wrote more than 80 papers.

Last publications in Russia:

  • Intellectualization of control and management in complex organization-technological systems: synthetic approach and synthetic analysis. In: Postindustrial civilization and culture of control and management. Orel, 2005.
  • Intellectual technologies, soft computing and software for their computer realization. In: Vestnik of computer and information technologies, 2006, N 8.
  • Usage of intellectual technologies of soft computing in logistic control systems. In: Stable social-economic development: innovation approaches, mechanisms of realization. Orel, 2006.
  • Intellectual technologies of control and management as inner determinant of postindustrial civilization. In: Innovation and traditions: metaphysical and phenomenological aspects. Orel, 2006.


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Intellektuelle Ansteuerungstechnologien als innere Determinante der Innovationen in der nachindustriellen Zivilisation (16.Nr.)

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