Apostolova, Gergana

Apostolova, Gergana, Dr.: lives in Bulgaria. PhD in Logic and Rhetoric: Theory of Argumentation. Lecturer in Rhetoric, Stylistics and Theory of Translation at the English Language Department of the South Western University, Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria. Lecturer of Business Rhetoric, Applied Semiotics and Theory of Advertising at the University of National and World Economics in Sofia. Author of 7 books and more than 30 articles on rhetoric, argumentation, methodology of ELT, English literature, and cultural studies.

Mehr: http://liternet.bg/publish10/gapostolova/pratchett.htm,www.bledcom.com/history/9th_international

Email: apostolovag@yahoo.com

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TRANSLEGENDRY: Borders and Archetypes in Bulgarian Legends (16.Nr.)

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