Arntzen Knut Ove

Arntzen Knut Ove: born 1950, professor of theatre studies at Section for theatre studies at the Institute for Cultural Studies and Art History at the University of Bergen, Norway; free lance theatre critic at the paper Arbeiderbladet in Oslo, 1976-1986, scientific consultant to the Bergen International Theatre. participating in planning and running the Drama Course at the Writing Academy of Hordaland County in Bergen, visiting professor at different universities (Lithuania, Antwerpen-Wilrijk, Belgium and Germany); participated in many international conferences (University of Glasgow, Amsterdam, Copenhagen); published a series of articles analyzing development in the scope of a visual kind of dramaturgy and post-mainstream, cooperated in seminars at the Eurokaz festival with Gordana Vnuk; 1997 and 1998 attended conferences about new theatre and theatre research (Frankfurt, D; Puebla-Cholula, Mexico; Johannesburg, South Africa; Canterbury, UK); presented “Baktruppe” at the Hong Kong Arts Centre, China and several lectures about new theatre developments, post-mainstream and site sepcific/ambient theatre in Germany, Austria and Finland; cultural studies conferences of Research Institute for Austrian and International Literature and Cultural Studies (INST), at different occasions. conference on Processes in Theatre, Art and Literature at the University of Bergen in September 2000 in cooperation with Bergen Cultural City and INST.; articles on visual kind of dramaturgy and post-mainstream developments in theatre and dance and hybrid art in different international periodicals and books; 2000 lecture on ambient theatre and clubbing at the Informal European Theatre Meeing (IETM), Prague.

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On Nomadism (14.Nr.)

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Post-mainstream as a geocultural dimension for theatre (5.Nr.)

Internationale Kulturwissenschaften
International Cultural Studies
Etudes culturelles internationales

On Telling the World and „Recycling“ in the New Theatre
Narration du monde et „recyclage“ dans le Nouveau Théâtre

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Hybridität und kulturelle Identität: Post Main Stream in theater und Performance
(in: Kunst und internationale Verständigung, Österreichische und internationale Literaturprozesse, Bd.1, 1995)

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Post-mainstream as a geocultural dimension for theatre
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Übersetzung des „Vagabundenliedes“ ins Norwegische (in: Bd 9: Jura Soyfer und die alte Welt, TRANS-Studien zur Veränderung der Welt, Bd. 9, 2009)
Kommentar zum „Vagabundenlied“ (in: Bd 9: Jura Soyfer und die alte Welt, TRANS-Studien zur Veränderung der Welt, Bd. 9, 2009)


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