Azimova, Dinora

Azimova, Dinora, Prof., born in Kokand (Ferghana Valley), married, three children; Moscow State University, MBA from Leuven University, former Fulbright Visiting Scholar of Stanford University, grantee of DAAD, TASIC, Kennan and other foundations; Human Development Coordinator of UNDP, Uzbekistan. part-time Professor of the University of World Economy and Diplomacy. assistent professor at the University Santiago de Cuba (Cuba), worked as consultant for the World Bank in Washington, DC.

More than 100 publications, also poetry books and scripts. leader of NGO „Strategy – civilization, gender, stability“, which initiated and promoted legislation about women, labor migrants, and handicapped people.

Recent publications:

  • Labor Migration: Social and Legal Issues. Fan, 2005;
  • Democracy in Central Asia and its Social Impact. Proceedings of the conference organized by the Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul, 2005;
  • Issues of Legal Protection Handicapped people, Tashkent, 2004, P. 12-16;
  • Role of Women during urbanization process in medieval Central Asia. CEES 4th Conference, Harvard, USA, October 2003,
  • Role of NGOs in democratic processes in Central Asia. UWED. Uzbekistan 2003;
  • Role of Migration in Process of Globalization – Journal „International Relations“, Tashkent, #3, 2002;
  • Human Development Report UNDP, Uzbekistan, 1999, chapter 5.

Email: dinora.azimova[at]

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Section report 6.2.: Issues of labor migration in East Europe and post-Soviet Central Asia (17.Nr.)

Report: Issues of Internal and External Migration in Post-Soviet Central Asia (16.Nr.)

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Heritage of Jura Soyfer and Abdullah Kadyri in the context of Eurasian political realities of the 20th Century (in: Bd 9: Jura Soyfer und die alte Welt, TRANS-Studien zur Veränderung der Welt, Bd. 9, 2009)

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