Babintsev, Valentin

Babintsev, Valentin: born in 1955. The head of the chair of social technologies of Belgorod State University, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, academician of the Russian academy of the humanities, the honorable worker of sphere of youth policy. He is the author more than 200 scientific monographs and papers. He is the vice-president of dissertational council at Belgorod State University. He has carried out a number of regional sociological investigations and is constantly enlisted as the expert by state management bodies of Belgorod region. Scientific fields: sociology of control & management, sociology of culture, spiritual life, youth policy, sociology of village, etc. He is the author more than 200 scientific monographs and papers.


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  2. Strategy of the staff development. In: Service of the staff and the personnel, 2006, N 6 (in the co-authorship).
  3. Problems of an intuitive-rational paradigm in the Russian sociology state and municipal managements. In: New collegiums. Scientifically-information journal, 2006, N 3.


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