Bagasheva-Koleva, Mariya Simeonova

Bagasheva-Koleva, Mariya Simeonova: born 1974 in Nebit-Dag (Turkmenistan). 1997: Graduated from the South-Western University in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria with an MA degree in Applied Linguistics – English (Major) and German (Minor). Since 1997: Senior Assistant Professor at the same university, teaching Practical English, English-Bulgarian literary translation and English Morphology seminars. Research interest: word-formation, formation of diminutive common nouns in English. 2004: Participated in an international conference of the Association of Teachers of English (in Ohrid, Macedonia): workshop titled „Big and Little“ centred on the usage and translation of diminutive forms in English and Bulgarian. Intends to work on a PhD thesis on a comparative analysis of diminutive nouns in English and Bulgarian.


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Cultural and Social Interchange of Vocabulary (16.Nr.)

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