Baicoianu, Anca

Baicoianu, Anca is a Ph.D. candidate in Literary Theory at the University of Bucharest (thesis: Strategies of Identity (Re)Construction in Postcolonial and Post-communist Literatures ) and works as a Senior Editor in Publishing Houses in Bucharest and a Tutor in Literary Theory at the University of Bucharest. She is the author of a number of articles, literary reviews, conference papers (Top hat and fur cap: postcolonialism, postcommunism and their discontents, in Euresis, forthcoming; (Ab)uses of Memory in Postcolonial and Postcommunist literatures, in Observator Cultural 2004, etc.) and translations from 20. century French literature and philosophy.


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Fictional worlds, political borders: exilic identities in postcolonial and post-communist literature (17.Nr.)

The Trap of Memory: Auto-Orientalism as Victimization (16.Nr.)

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