Bakay, Gönül

Bakay, Gönül: born in Ankara, Turkey. Graduated from American College for Girls 1964. Marriage 1965. Resumed studies in 1975 and graduated from The English Literature department of London University in 1980 as an external student. 1992 PhD Istanbul University. 1993 – 2003 lecturer in the Master Program of the Women’s Studies department of the same University. Started working for the English Department of Beykent University as an Associate professor. Publications (in Turkish): The Changing Image of Women from Chaucer to Browning; Virginia Woolf and Communication. Articles: „Austen, Bronte and Eliot on Women’s Issues“, „D.H. Lawrence and New Perspectives“, „Shakespeare and Women“, „Afro- American feminism and Alice Walker“. N umerious papers presented in Turkey and abroad: „Orwell’s 1984, The Work of a Pessimist or a Visionary?“, „Seferad and Ashkenaz: Turkey and U.S. Reconsidered as Sites of Ethnicity“, „21st. Century Reflections on Image of The Turk in Renaissance English Literature“, „Barbara Smith and Bell Hooks Ask: Racism is it a White Issue?“; „Turkish Versus American Identity“, „Lady Mary Wortley Montagu’s Turkish Embassy Letters: Fact or Fiction?“,“Portia and Cordelia: Shakespeare’s Powerful Women Sub-verting the Male Order.“


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