Bakratcheva, Albena

Bakratcheva, Albena, Dr.: Associate Professor of American Studies at the New Bulgarian University of Sofia, Bulgaria, and the Director of the American and British Studies Program. Ph.D. in English from the St. Kliment Ohridski University of Sofia 1995. author of „Similarities in Divergences. Realistic Narrative Characteristics in the Eighteenth-Century British Novel and Late Nineteenth-Century Bulgarian Fiction“ (Sofia, 1995) and „Potentialities of Discourse. Bulgarian/British-American Cross-cultural Dialogues“ (Sofia, 1997). articles on contemporary Bulgarian, British and American Literatures, editor and translator of „Henry David Thoreau: Life without Principle. Selected Works“ (Sofia, 2001). book-in-progress is on American Transcendentalism. member of the International American Studies Association (IASA), of the European Association for American Studies (EAAS), of the Swedish Association for American Studies (SAAS), and of the Nordic Association for American Studies (NAAS). international experience: Fellowship of the John F. Kennedy Institute for North American Studies at the Freie Universität Berlin, Germany, 1992; Fulbright Grant in the SUNY U.S.A., 1993-1994; USIA Fellowship – Summer Institute on Contemporary American Literature at the University of Louisville, Kentucky, U.S.A., 1999.



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Report: Frontier Metamorphoses: Americanization and Otherness (15.Nr.)

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