Balakireva, Natalia

Balakireva, Natalia: born in 1976. Dr. of political sciences, the senior teacher, Orel Regional Academy of state service, Department of State and Municipal Service. Her scientific fields: civil society, democratic state. She is the author of 11 papers.


  1. Electronic Government: ways of betterment of State Service work. In: Vlast. 2004, 9.
  2. Information Space – the basic theoretical and methodological bases for studying the category. Orel, 2005, 39 p.
  3. The role of network organization of higher educational institutions applied to the development of central federal circuit of information and political space. In: Education and Society (Orel), 2005, 5.
  4. The current Russian information space of politics: development of network organization. Orel, 2006, 227


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Der Mensch im Informationsraum: zum Problem der Schaffung einer persönlich-orientierten Zivilgesellschaft in der Postmoderne (17.Nr.)

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