Bárdos, Judit

Bárdos, Judit: born 1950 in Budapest (Hungary). 1973: graduated at ELTE University of Budapest with a degree in Hungarian and Russian. 1980: earned also a degree in philosophy at the same University. 1978: doctoral degree (Dr. Univ.) in Aesthetics. 1996: PhD. Since 1973 she is a lecturer at the Department of Aesthetics of the Arts Faculty of ELTE University of Budapest. Actually she is a senior assistant professor and gives lectures and special seminars in motion picture aesthetics and general aesthetics. Her main research field is the film theory of the Russian formalist school and Eisenstein. In these topics she published a number of studies in Hungarian, English and Italian and edited several collective volumes.

Email: ju218@axelero.hu

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Ironie und Geschichte in Eisensteins „Oktober“ (16.Nr.)

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