Beketova, Sofiya

Beketova, Sofiya, born 1984 in Russia in Ardon (North Ossetian Republican). She obtained her university education at PSLU (Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University). In 2007 she was offered a postgraduate course in philological studies. And since 2007 she has been teaching English as a foreign language. Among her teaching assignments feature lexical and grammatical aspects of English language in the sphere of Public Relations and jurisprudence. In the area of research, her work dwells on analyzing modal epistemic components and their semantic, pragmatic and cognitive functions in analytical articles of British and American Press. She has published several articles in university journals. Her articles are devoted to the description of the classification of epistemic components and their linguistic expression in the context of analytical articles


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Epistemic Components in the Structure of Analytical Articles (18 Nr.)

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