Belau, Maxim G. V

Belau, Maxim G. V.: born 1982 in Michurinsk, Russia. Linguist. Studied Germanic Philology at Tambov State University named after G. R. Derzhavin. Participating in international symposia and publishing articles in both national and international journals. Majority of his works dedicated to the problem of categorization, conceptualization and cognitive taxonomic modeling of different events, processes, and phenomena in mind of an English native speaker. Since 2003 teacher of English and German at University and in local schools. Postgraduate research in Tambov State University. Member of University Council and fellow of Russian Cognitive Linguists Association. Research interests: key branch of modern Philology Cognitive Linguistics.


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Creativity in Cognitive Taxonomic Modelling by the example of English verbs of non-caused motion (17.Nr.)

The Notion of Migration: On Its Reflection in the Mind of an English Native Speaker (16.Nr.)

Cognitive Linguistics as a Way of Investigating the Links between Language and Culture (15.Nr.)

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