Ben-Peshat, Malka

Ben-Peshat, Malka, Dr., since 1996 senior lecturer in the Design Arts Department of Teachers College of Technology, Tel-Aviv. Founding chair of the Design Arts department, writing and building its academic curriculum.Academic responsible of a M.Ed. program on „Visual Literacy in Education“. 1985–1987: Post Doctoral position at UCLA (US, California) Art and Design Department as a Fulbright Scholar and Adjunct Visiting Scholar at the Arizona State University. 1980–1985: The University of Paris X Nanterre. Ph.D. degree awarded for thesis: The Baptisteries in the Holy Land from the 4th to 7th centuries – Arcaeological and Liturgical Study (Les baptisteres paleochretiens en terre sainge – etude arceologique et liturgique).1994–1996: Middle East Design Forum, for dialogue and cooperation between Israeli and Palestinian architects and designers. Initiator and founding member in Tel-Aviv and Ramallah

Main Fields of Interests: History and Theory of Design and Architecture, Design Education, Vernacular Design and Architecture, Visual Literacy, Cultural Identity, Popular culture and Material Culture, Sustainable Design and Architecture.

Recent Publications

  • Ben-Peshat, M. & Sitton, Sh. (2007), Cultural Encounters by Means of Artifacts of Faith and Religion as Cross-Cultural Encounters in the Tel Aviv Central Bus Station, Beyond Inter-Faith, (ed. Welch, Ch.), University of Winchester, Faculty of Arts. [In Print]
  • Ben-Peshat, M. (2007), A type of Street in Israeli Cities as a Social and Cultural Mirror, in The 2007 International Visual Literacy Association, Selected Readings (In Print)
  • Ben-Peshat, M. (2006), Architecture within photography: existential encounter of complexities and contradictions, Pictorial Languages and their Meanings (eds. Verzar, Ch. & Fishhof, G.), Tel Aviv University, The Yolanda and David Katz Faculty of the Arts, pp. 275–284.
  • Ben-Peshat, M. & Ram, D. (2005), Encounters of a visual type in an instructive website:, published in the proceedings of the sixteenth international conference of SITE (Society for Information Technology and Teachers Education), Phoenix, Arizona, US (March1–5), printed on CD, pp.2902–2908.
  • Ben-Peshat, M. (2004), Popular Design and Cultural Identities, Emotional Exchange: Case Study in Israel, published in the proceedings of Fourth International Conference on Design and Emotion ,Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey (July 12–14), 8 pages printed on CD.
  • Ben-Peshat, M. & Engel, Y. (2003), Dilemmas in Sustainable Design Education In Israel, published in the proceedings of ICSID Design Congress, 2end Educational Conference, IF International Forum Design GmbH, (September 1–7), 87–160.


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The Survival Modes of a modern vernacular commercial street in Israel: Actual Survival in the city and as Simulations throughout Shopping Malls (17.Nr.)

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