Benari, Motti

Benari, Motti: B.A. – Hebrew Literature; PhD – Hebrew Literature: born . 2001; Chief Researcher CULTOS, (an international IST project – Cultural Units of Learning: Tools and Services), The Porter Institute of Poetics and Semiotics, Tel Aviv University; Current Projects and Academic Interests: CULTOS and intertextuality, Ontologies construction, Cognitive Poetics, Figurative Language (special focus on metaphor, simile and synaesthesia), Meaning and Emotion in Poetry. List of Publications: (1993) „The functions of repetition in contemplation poems by Shmuel Hanagid in his book: Ben Kohelet“; (2000). Cognitive Aspects of Metaphorical Phenomena: A dissertation submitted to the Tel Aviv University Senate for Ph.D. (in Hebrew); (2001) „Composition of place, experiential set, and the meditative poem: A cognitive-pragmatic approach“ Pragmatics and Cognition, 9(2), 203-237.; (2002), The CULTOS Ontology, Knowledge Model of Intertextual Studies, © CULTOS 2002.; (2002), The CULTOS Ontology, Implementation of the Knowledge Model of Intertextual Studies, © CULTOS 2002; (2003) Means, Effects and Assumptions, in R. Tsur, On the Shore of Nothingness: a Study in Cognitive Poetics, Thorverton, Essex: Imprint, Academic press, 19-37; Poetic Effects – A review of „Poetic Effects: A relevance theory perspective“ by Adrian Pilkington, Pragmatics & Cognition; Proposal for a standard ontology of intertextuality, „Similes in Poetry – How does it work?“ Dapim Lemechkar Besifrut. (in Hebrew); (accepted) Connectivity, Synaesthesia and Emotional Quality – to be published in M., Benari & I., Einat-Nov (Eds) The Text in Action. (in Hebrew).


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