Bourennane, Fouzia

Bourennane, Fouzia: assistant professor born 1991 in Blida, Algeria. Graduated from the University of Algiers 2 faculty of foreign language, Spanish department in 2012. From 2012-2013 she undertook a postgraduate studies, meanwhile she worked as a substitute teacher in literature at the same university of Algiers 2. She prepared a thesis with which she obtained the diploma of “magister” on Spanish literature in November 2015. From January to June 2015 she practiced teaching at the School of Commercial High Studies, as a substitute teacher of Spanish language. 2016-till now appointed as assistant professor category B at the faculty of foreign language, Spanish department university of Algiers 2. 2016-2017 she received two training courses at the same time, one on the pedagogical training of recently recruited university professors, and the other on “Technologies of information and communication and the pedagogical practices”. She gave presentation on “ICT in teaching-learning languages. Between theoretical approaches and practical strategies” at the international symposium “Languages Employability and Higher Education”, Oran, Algeria 23-25 April 2017.