Bratanova, Boryana

Bratanova, Boryana: PhD student at the University of Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria, Department of English and American Studies. Research Interests: Cognitive Studies (the Prototype Theory, Idealized Cognitive Models, Linguistic Categorization), Language Typology, Cultural Studies. Publications: (Anti-) Aesthetic Manipulation: Caused Actions / Emotions in Interpersonal Communication (Thessaloniki / Veliko Turnovo, June 2005, forthcoming); Universal Categorization in Causative Event Construal (Veliko Turnovo 2005, forthcoming); Prototypes, Stereotypes and Idealized Cognitive Models of Women in the Bulgarian Press (Vienna, November 2003, TRANS 15) among others. Organizational Membership: The Bulgarian Society for British Studies (BSBS)


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Prototypes, stereotypes and idealized cognitive models of women in the bulgarian press (15.Nr.)

Between Cognition and Cultural Discourse: A Liminal Approach to Causation in Language (16.Nr.)

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