Brioc, Iwan

Brioc, Iwan is Artistic Director of Theatr Cynefin (est. 2000), a UK based platform for community activism through theatre.

Iwan won a Creative Wales Award in 2006 for his work with Sensory Labyrinth Community Theatre, a new methodology which he is developing, inspired by the work of Theatre Anthropologist Enrique Vargas. Cynefin’s 2005 project ‘Caerdroia’, saw the building of the biggest Labyrinth in the world in a forest in North Wales and is the training site for its Rites of Passage training for young people. It is also the site of regular performances by Cynefin with international casts.

Prior to this he was Co-Director of Theatr Fforwm Cymru (1997–2004), Wales national Theatre of the Oppressed (TO). Whilst there he developed the project ‘Rehearsal for Reality’, which was the first ‘national’ Legislative Theatre project in the world.

Iwan is one of the founding members of two European Networks. The first, ‘Drums for Peace’ (est. 1999) is an international network of artists and creative youth workers who bring together disadvantaged young people on youth exchanges with the challenge of creating a performance in 5 days. The second is INFACCT (International Network for Awareness, Creative Citizenship and Transformation) with member organizations in 15 countries, which aims to promote Context Oriented Theatre.


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Resisting Implanted Desires in the Theatre of the Mind (18 Nr.)

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