Calzada Pérez, María:

Calzada Pérez, María: lecturer at Jaume I University, Castellón (Spain), teaches translation and English. Holds a degree in Translation and Interpreting from the University of Granada; a Master of Arts in The Theory and Practice of Literary Translation from the University of Essex (UK); and a PhD from the University of Heriot-Watt (Edinburgh, UK), researched under the supervision of Prof. Ian Mason. Main publications are on literary translation, transitivity, ideology and cannibalism in translation. Publications: La aventura de la traducción: Dos monólogos de Alan Bennett, 2001. A Three-level Methodology for Descriptive-explanatory TS, 2001, in Target 13:2. Apropos of Ideology. Translation Studies on Ideology – Ideologies in Translation Studies, 2003. Applying translation theory to teaching, 2004 in Perspectives. Studies in Translatology 12:2. currently working on a book on the translation of the European parliamentary speeches.


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