Casti, Emanuela

Casti, Emanuela, Professor Casti received her degree in 1981 and taught at the University of Padua from 1983 to 1992. She now holds a tenured position at Bergamo University for the „Dipartimento di Scienze dei Linguaggi, della Comunicazione e degli Studi Culturali“. She has been carrying out research for AGEI (Italian Association of Geographers) as well as UGI (International Geographical Union); she is a member of the Italian Geographical Society and she is on the AIC Scientific Committee (Italian Cartographical Association). Since 2003 she has been in charge of a Bergamo University team for a study program on colonialism in Africa, part of the nationally funded research program that aims to publish a historical dictionary of Italian cartographers. Her main focus has consistently been the relation between cartographical language and the processes of territorialization at work in Italy and in Africa. With respect to theory, she has examined the communicative functioning of maps within complex communicative systems and has put forward a semiotic theory of cartography. As part of her work experience, she has taken up a number of current and historical case studies both in Italy and abroad. In particular, she has conducted insightful analyses on territorial practices at the time of the Republic of Venice and in the French and Italian phases of African colonization. Results of these have been applied mainly to development geography and to issues of PVS cooperation. Professor Casti has done field research in areas of Africa that were previously under French colonial rule, in the context of EU Cooperation and Development projects (such as the AGIR programme in Guinea, the ECOPAS programme in Burkina Faso-Niger-Benin and the PGAP Programme in Morocco). Research findings from these programs were later used to initiate a participatory cartography program that has been adopted by international organizations.


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