Çelik, Kezban

Çelik, Kezban: born in 1969 in Antalya (Turkey). 1984 – 1988: Muğla Health College (Muğla). 1988 – 1992: Hacettepe University (BA), the School of Social Work (Ankara). 1997 – 2000: Middle East Technical University (MSc), Social Sciences Institute, Department of Sociology (Ankara). Dissertation topic was „the Evolution of the Value of Child in Turkey: Questioning the Roles of the State and the Family“. Since 2000: Middle East Technical University (PhD). Writing thesis on „Youth Unemployment and Social Exclusion“. 1988 – 1992: Nurse, Atatürk Hospital of Chest Diseases (Ankara). 1993 – 1994: Officer, Ministry of Health, Department of External Relations. 1994 – 1997: Social Worker, Dr. Sami Ulus Child Hospital. 1997 – 2000: Manager of the Education and Training Department, Ankara Provincial Health Directorate. Since 2001: Social Worker, Dr. Sami Ulus Children’s Hospital. 2001 – 2002: Assistant as social scientist, in a joint project of World Health Organization and Public Health Department of Hacettepe University on „adolescents’ reproductive and sexual health“. Since 2002: Assistant in a joint project of the World Bank and the Ministry of Health on „Social Assessment of Health“ in Ankara. 2003 – 2004: Researcher for the „Case Study on Integration of Gender Perspective in Health Policy in Turkey“.

Email: celikkezban@hotmail.com

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