Chisacof, Lia Brad

Chisacof, Lia Brad, mainly now an 18th cent. Scholar, I have been a researcher with the Institute for South East European Studies of the Romanian Academy for more than twenty years. My main domain are the Hellenic studies (i.e. Greek-language culture and history in the post-Byzantine era to this day). My contributions (more than 50 articles and five books) set themselves the aim to bring to the fore unknown texts of the 18th cent. Romania and provide besides the comments their translation into Romanian or English. I have thus produced a 700pp. anthology of the Greek prose and theatre written on Romanian soil in the 18th cent.and the edition of the first Greek-Romanian dictionary on which many theological translations relied dating from the beginning of the 18th cent. (300 pp). Will soon follow a sequence to the above mentioned anthology with poetry of the same period and a comprehensive monograph on the ignored so far facts and works of an 18th cent. Visionary of what is today EU, in fact author of a project of a Balkan federation Rigas Velestinlis by his name.

Reviews in countries other than my own, a prize for one of my books by a well-known Romanian historic magazine, memberships in the administrative board of my Institute, the institute for South-East European Studies of the Romanian Academy, in the same board of the European Society for Modern Greek Studies, and in the British Society for the Study of the Eighteenth cent. are telling for the degree of scientific recognition.


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