Chorney, Tatjana

Chorney, Tatjana, emigrated to Canada from Belgrade, Yugoslavia, in 1992. She studied English linguistics and literature at the University of Belgrade, and then literature and the humanities at York University in Toronto. She holds a Ph.D. degree in English from the University of Toronto. She has taught literature, composition and technical writing in community college and university. She is now a member of the English Department at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Canada, where she teaches courses on literature and culture. She has published essays on literature, reading, pedagogy and computers, and now works on a federally-funded project involving interactive reading in the hypermedia.

Email: tatjana.chorney@SMU.CA

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Knowledge and Expertise Redefined: Consensus Sapientia in the Digital Era and Reframing the Modalities of Teaching and Learning (17.Nr.)

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