Chytyrbaeva, Janyl

Chytyrbaeva, Janyl has lived and worked in Europe since 1993. She is a Kyrgyz journalist with Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, based in Prague. She covered various important cultural events in Europe and USA with Central Asian focus such as The Silk Road Festival in Washington, No-mads Land in Berlin, The Festival of Antient Music Instruments in France etc. She writes to Kyrgyz, Central Asian press as well as has made several TV programs on the Central Asian Diaspora in Europe. Janyl is a founding member of the Central Asian Ensemble in Prague and a founder of, a non-profit organization which aims at integration through culture. She was the initiator of film screenings in April, May 2007 in Kyrgyzstan, which eventually grew into an international festival of documentary films. One World Kyrgyzstan is a sister festival of One World International Festival of the Documentary Films on Human Rights, Prague.


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