Degermentzidis, Symeon

Degermentzidis, Symeon, PhD.: Faculty of Philosophy, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece). Specialization: Comparative Literature, awarded on 10.10.2003. Subject of the doctoral thesis: The Myth of Orpheus in the work of Nikos Eggonopoulos as a Vehicle of his Attitude towards French Surrealism. Teaching at the Department of Philosophical and Social Studies, University of Crete, rank: Lecturer, during the fall semester of the academic year 2004 – 2005. Teaching of two courses of Didactics and Literature: 1) Special Didactics of Modern Greek Literature, 2) Special Didactics of Modern Greek Language and Literature. Spring semester 2005 – 2006: Visiting Professor at the Department of Modern Greek Literature, University of Istanbul, in order to teach the aforementioned courses. His writings include three dissertations. He has also participated in international conferences and has published articles on didactics, comparative literature and semiotics.


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The melting point of social reproduction and cultural innovation through the Repro-novation Model (16.Nr.)

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