Deledalle-Rhodes, Janice

Deledalle-Rhodes, Janice: Maître de Conférencés des Universités, has taught at the Universities of Lyons, Tunis, Libreville, Avignon, and UQAM (Montréal). Member of IRSCE (Perpignan). Her principal research concerns semiotics and text-theory, as well as nineteenth-century English literature and thought. Publications: Arabia Deserta de C. M. Doughty et les récits des voyageurs anglais au Moyen-Orient de 1809 – 1896: Mythes, réalités, et transformation des mentalités (1982). L´Orient représenté (2000). She has also contributed to collective works on the Middle East, and has published articles in many journals such as Semiotica, European Journal for Semiotic Studies, Transactions of the C. S. Peirce Society, The Gissing Journal and Ars Semeiotica, among others, and has collaborated with Gérard Deledalle on translations and editions of works of Peirce and Dewey. She also edited with Gérard Deledalle and Michel Balat Signs of Humanity / L´Homme et ses signes. Proceedings of the VIth International Congress of the IASS (1992).


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The Production and Reproduction of Cultural Signs: Changing and Exchanging Stereotypes (16.Nr.)

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igns of Power and the Power of Signs in Literary Criticism
(in: Macht der Zeichen, Zeichen der Macht. Festschrift für Jeff Bernard, TRANS-Studien zur Veränderung der Welt, Bd.3)

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