Dilli, Sirin

Dilli, Sirin: Studied at the University of Galatasaray in Turkey. 2003 Graduation Between patriotism and neutrality: Both Side National Dailies’ Approaches at the Cyprus Issue after the Annan Plan (field of ethics on conflict reporting). 2003 – 2004: Master study in communication at Sorbonne-Paris, France. Thesis Public Radios’ Broadcasts in Multicultural Societies: The case of France and Saddam Hussein’s Seizure . PhD at the same university, studying transnational media. Collaborating as a student researcher on a european researchers consortium’s POLITIS on „Acitive Civic Participation of Migrants“. Co-writer for the French Instiution namely FASILD on the „Representation and Representativity of Migrants“ in French Media landscape’s report. Published 2004 at Mass Media in Transition, Athens Institute for Education and Research, Athens and Les figures du témoin, Ecole Doctorale ASSIC, Paris, two articles on „Diasporas and Media“.

Email: sirin_dilli@yahoo.com

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Les cultures hybrides en question: Présence des diasporas à travers les radios publics (16.Nr.)

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